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You are one step closer to hosting the best birthday party ever. Roy & the Water TrickDoug with Daisy

You have questions! For example, what do you do?

I will answer that for you right now but there is a more important question that you may not have thought of…
First the short answer

If you are looking for a children's entertainer at your birthday party, here's what you get...

A 45 minute fabulously funny Magic Show comprising of…

• For the first 30 minutes we do some "Stage" Magic, where the children can watch some stunning, fun tricks, including a magic trick performed by a puppet dog

• For the next 15 minutes, we do some "close up" magic with the children, where we show each child how to perform easy tricks that have amazing effects

• Special Magic Trick to keep for the birthday boy or girl!

And another important point is we adapt the show to the age group of the children, you can be sure that they will all be entertained and also involved in the magic!

For example, here's an idea of what type of show we perform, adapted to the age of the children, but still fun filled, fast moving, with the children becoming the magicians themselves, especially the birthday child...

Ages 4 - 7 years

  • Daisy & Rosie the Magic Puppets
  • The Hilarious Upside Down Water Trick - a real baffler
  • Moving Traffic Lights - where did the red one disappear to?
  • Chinese Coin Trick - where the children think they know where it is but at the end get a big surprise!
  • Magic Colouring Book - the children themselves colour it in by "magic"
  • The fantastically funny Fish Race Game - real "edge of your seat" magic
  • and much more

Age 8 - 12 years

  • Can the children turn the rope into a stick or a fishing rod? - yes they can with a little magic, great fun with this one
  • Cabinet of Wonders - mind blowing magic at it's best
  • The RED trick - a kicker ending which brings gasps and laughter from everyone at the party
  • A fantastic Mind Reading trick - can the birthday child perform this trick? - yes they can!
  • A climax not to be missed - the Space Race Game - everyone loves this one!
  • and alot more

Why is doctorfunnybone any different to other kids entertainer quotes you have in your inbox?

Firstly, in the Magic Show does doctorfunnybone…

1. Provide a fun magic show with your child being the star? YES
2. Perform inclusive, interactive Magic & supply Magic Tricks for all the children to keep? YES
3. Show the children how to perform the Easy to do, stunning effect magic tricks? YES
4. Have an absolutely gorgeous puppet Dog who performs magic? YES
5. Give a special gift of a Magic Trick to the birthday child? YES

Magic Show price - £99 (within 20 mile radius of either of our 2 locations). If you are outside this radius we only charge an extra £10.

We have 2 children's entertainers, one based in Armagh, the other in Crumlin, we can therefore cover all areas of N.Ireland very easily.

I'm going to tell you what sets doctorfunnybone apart from any other birthday party entertainer.

But First…

Let's hear what other parents say:

" Hi Roy. Jennie here. Just to say thanks again to you & your daughter for Sat. All kiddies were chuffed with the tricks etc, and all had a great time."

Jennie Black, Portadown, Co Armagh

So what is the difference?

Have you ever been to a birthday party where they hired an entertainer, but the children still ran around?

The reason for this is the entertainer could not keep the childrens'attention.

doctorfunnybone guarantees your money back if the children are not engaged and having an absolute ball with your child having the Best Party Ever.

This is your Best Party Ever guarantee.

How does doctorfunnybone do it?

We are focussed 100% on making your child's day spectacular.

What do you (the party organiser) need to provide on the day?

The food, the venue (your own home is fine!) and of course the children.

BUT…Nothing Else…

No bouncy castle needed.
No face painter needed.
No costume character needed.

You just sit back, relax and watch the children roll with laughter and shriek with excitement.

You are guaranteed compliments as the parents tell you what a great party you arranged.

You are guaranteed your child will have the best birthday party ever or your money back.

All bookings are taken on a first confirmed, first booked basis.

Don't delay, doctorfunnybone is in demand and weekend dates in particular go very fast.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, I wish you all the best in your party planning.


Roy McDonald
doctorfunnybone Magical Parties
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