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Choosing the right magician. Do I go for the cheapest? Do I go for the most expensive, thinking "you get what you pay for"? What do you look for when choosing a magician? I'm glad you asked. I, being a magician, can give you some ideas.

  • Visit their website. Do they give a lot of information that is helpful? Do they list their prices?
  • Read the testimonials. You want to know what other people say about them. Did their child have the time of their life? What do they promise to do for you? Is there a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied?
  • What is involved in their shows? Do they use puppets? Are the children involved in the magic?
  • How long does the show last? If you are having other things like food at the party you need to know how long to factor in the magic show into your schedule.

The most important question in choosing the right magician is does he/she want to make my child the "STAR"? You don't want to get someone who is only interested in his/herself and making themselves look good and just collecting your money.

We at doctorfunnybone provide a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee that your child will be the star of the show, that all the children will also be involved in the magic and that it will be your best party ever!

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