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1. How long does your Magic Show at a party last?
We find that 45 minutes is best for a fast paced, really funny show with the children involved in the magic from the start.
2. Will there be enough room in my home for your Magic Show?
Absolutely Yes.

3. What age group is your Magic Show best suitable for?
We adapt the show according to the age of your child and is suitable for ages 3 to 11 years. If you are having a mix of ages at your party of between 3 and 11 years, that's no problem whatsoever, the show is as I said adapted to ensure all the children have a great time.

4. I am planning a party for older kids, teenagers, will your show be suitable?
Yes, we will provide you with a Magic Fun "workshop/party" in which we teach the young people some mind blowing Magic Tricks, that they in turn can amaze their friends and family with.

5. My child is very shy, will your show be suitable for him/her?
Both of our Entertainers are very experienced working with children and will ensure that your child will love the show, whether they want to participate in the magic or not. We do of course encourage interaction, that's what sets us apart from other Entertainers. One parent recently said to us that his little shy girl loved the show so much that she slowly started to join in, encouraged by a friend and has never stopped talking about it since. This was a 3 year old and her parents have booked us again for her January 2018 4th birthday party!

6. What does your money back guarantee cover?
Very simple. If for any reason you don't believe our Magic Show has been your best party ever, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked! Obviously we only can provide this type of guarantee because we believe sincerely we have something very special. We would encourage you to read the testimonials on this website so that you can see for yourself what parents have been saying about us.

7. My party will be in a community hall, will your Magic Show be suitable for the hall?
Absolutely Yes. We provide our own sound system if it's needed, to ensure everyone has a fantastic time. We have performed our shows in all sizes of halls and venues, whilst at the same time done many shows in people's houses as well!

8. What do you charge for a Magic Show?
For a Magic Show at a party our fee starts at just £99, please contact us for a specific quotation. We have 2 childrens' entertainers, one based in Armagh, the other in Crumlin, so we can cover all areas of N.Ireland very easily.

9. What do you charge for Magic Shows at events eg community events, residential homes, fun days, pre schools, close up magic for grown ups birthday parties etc?
The price depends on what your requirements are for the event you are involved in, please contact us for a quote.

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