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Planning A Children`s Party? We Do Magic Shows Where The Children Are The Stars!!

Think back to your childhood. What is the one birthday party that you remember most? Maybe you never had a party because your parents couldn't afford one. Maybe you had a party every year and you can't remember which one was the best because they all seemed alike.

If you never had one, think about what you would have liked it to be like. Would you have wanted a bouncy castle? a face painter? superheroes? a magician? What would have made a perfect birthday party for you?

Now think about your son/daughter and answer the same question. What would make an unforgettable birthday party for him/her? How can I make a memory for him/her that will last a lifetime, so that when they get to be your age now and you ask them what is your greatest childhood birthday party memory. What will they say?

Do you want them to answer the same way you did or be able to share a birthday party that was so memorable that they just immediately think of one party that stands out among the rest?

The ideas mentioned above (face painter, bouncy castle, superheroes) are nice ideas but they lack one important ingredient, your child being the "STAR" of the day.

Hiring A Magician With doctorfunnybone

Yes, your child will have fun with each one, but if you want your child to experience a birthday party he/she will never forget, then the only solution, the only way for this to happen, is for you to hire a MAGICIAN.

Why a magician? What can he/she do that will make my child the "STAR"? I'm glad you asked. Your goal in having a birthday party is for your son/daughter to have an amazing, unforgettable day. The best way to achieve this is to make sure he/she is actively participating in the entertainment.

When you hire a magician (doctorfunnybone) these are the kinds of things you can expect : your son/daughter being the assistant to the magician (which means they will be involved in doing tricks), standing at the front (which means everyone's attention is focused on them).

Our Children`s Entertainers Make The Children The Centre Of The Show

They will be made to look smarter and cleverer than the magician (which means they do the trick the right way and the magician always gets it wrong, looking like a fool), they will receive all the applause (which means they feel great for looking better than the magician).

The goal of every show I do is to make your son/daughter feel like they have had the "time of their life", do whatever I can to make their special day unforgettable. I know that is your goal as well. What kind of a response will you get?

Magic Show prices start at just £99, please contact us for a specific quote.

We have 2 children's entertainers, one based in Armagh, the other in Crumlin, we can therefore cover all areas of N.Ireland very easily.

With a doctorfunnybone magic party the kids entertainment is taken care of and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party whilst we do the work.

So why not call us today to check availability, tel 028 37528126 or 07912 086251. Email

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